Foo Fighters! (or how amazing they are)


I want to share a story about how DAVE GROHL (or his management team) IS FUCKING AMAZING.

My friends Elisa​ and Mark​ had gotten tickets when they first went on sale January, not knowing that she was going to have a back surgery. She’s now recovering and rehabbing, well enough to move around albeit with a walker. It didn’t matter, they were going!

But those assholes nice people at SBC/LiveNation or whoever runs the venue/ticketing system were not very responsive to her request to have handicap accommodation. She’s contacted them several times, and got nowhere. So on the day of the show she creates her very first twitter account (!), tweets to the foo fighters about her predicament, and guess what? They get her the handicap seats she needed! Just. Like. That.foohelp2

THAT is far more amazing than my sheer dumb luck of getting free tickets to the big shows out of nowhere. For the 4th time this summer! i am the luckiest dumb sunovabitch i know… 😀

And it’s far more impressive than the PACKED-TO-THE-BACK lawn at the SBC. A sea of foo fucking fighters fans just going nuts with every song. the only ones more insane was Dave and the band, with him rocking hard as ever sitting on his UFO (FOO!) Throne, showing those pansy-ass pop clowns cancelling tours due a cold or a change of creative direction (cough*bullshit*cough) that you CAN rock n roll while sitting down with a mending broken leg, and have 30,000 people rock with you. for over TWO fucking hours! Encore?? Pffft! They played through the whole time!

And by the way, Elisa’s first twitter follower is/are The Foo Fighters (!!!!!!). Can you even top that?

(As girls these days say: No. you can’t even. You just… can’t even…)

Yeah. It’s times like these… time and time again.


P.S. Thanks for the ticket Mark, and get well soon, Elisa!

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